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“Accredited Marketing Solutions is perfectly positioned to help grow the net worth and asset column of any individual in this country. The #1 wealth principle is Other People's Money or O.P.M. Having access to great CREDIT (personal and business) = O.P.M. Other People's Money is infinite. As individuals our money is finite. It's time to work with some professionals in the industry to help you compete, grow and win on all levels.  From Real Estate Investing to running a successful profitable business.”

Jeff Broome

Chief Operating Officer
Accredited Marketing Solutions

Accredited Marketing Solutions is a fintech company focused on serving the multiple financial needs of everyday entrepreneurs and business owners.  We have created an ecosystem to help business owners manage their financial operations, processes and transform their businesses to accelerate growth. Running and sustaining a  successful business is not easy. No one person has all the skills and can do all the tasks effectively.  Our main goal is to consult, identify and fill those gaps.

Our unique products and resources are completely geared toward creating wealth, assets, and a strong financial platform for our clients