Refinance Residential &
Investment Properties

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In today's low-interest-rate environment, AMS has assisted many property owners in refinancing their income producing assets.

If there was ever a time to create generational wealth through real estate this might be it!!!

  • Maybe you can’t go to your local bank to pull cash out of your primary or investment property because their qualifications are too stringent.
  • Maybe you took a lot of deductions on last year’s taxes and
    don’t have W-2 ’s or paystubs to meet their credit requirements.
  • Are you in a hard money loan?

8 Great Reasons to Refinance
Your Primary Residence

  1. Refinancing can lower your rate and payment.
  2. Refinance to convert your adjustable rate into a fixed rate.
  3. Refinance your interest-only loan into a fully-amortized loan.
  4. Convert your 30 year loan to a shorter term loan.
  5. Take cash out to consolidate your debt.
  6. Take cash out for home improvements.
  7. Take cash out to purchase more investment property.
  8. Stop mortgage insurance if you have at least 20% equity.

7 Great Reasons to Refinance
Your Investment Property

  1. Lower your mortgage payment.
  2. Maximize your return on investment.
  3. Increase your rental income.
  4. Use the equity in your property to purchase additional properties.
  5. Use the equity to fund other investment opportunities.
  6. Bad credit OK.
  7. Use the property's rental income or market comparables to qualify for financing.

Are you ready to refinance your primary residence or investment property?